Duff Ryan is an award-winning architect currently practicing architecture in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Ryan Company Architect Inc. is a leading proponent of the design build process, harking back to the tradition of the Architect as “Master Builder”.  With respect to sustainability, Duff looks primarily to Indigenous cultures and worldviews: “don’t take more than you need, just that what is necessary to sustain”. Coupled with simple modern technologies, it could, and frankly must, change the world.  Born and raised in Northern Ontario, Duff is from the farming community of New Liskeard and maintains his connection and love of Northern Ontario through his family islands on Lake Temagami. 

A national award-winning full service design and build organization, Ryan Company staff has extensive experience in construction as well as in design.  Our combination of design and extensive construction experience allows us to design buildings which are not only beautiful but which are smart, cost controlled and buildable.  We focus on environmentally friendly special projects including custom homes and additions, custom built commercial offices and in-fill development projects.  Our architectural design and constructing abilities are second to none.  Let Ryan Company show you how you can live better and work better.   We look forward to building with you.

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